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Below is a list of information on how to order a product

Please understand each list below carefully so that ordering goods can be done safely, each list below is information from ordering to shipping goods. some documents and further information will be provided by the admin before the payment process

Consult with us before making a purchase regarding plants and regulations in the destination country

Look at the catalog to determine the choice of product that you want to order, then make a payment

We will receive an order which will be followed by payment, after which it will be processed for the order

As a form of export or import requirements that must be met From the country of origin (sender): - Phytosanitary certificate - Invoices and packing lists From destination country (receiver): - Import permits - Ensuring plants can be imported - Ensuring supporting documents (if any)

Plant treatment: cleaning, packing and quarantine check *note: all of this process takes approximately 7-10 working days before it is sent.

After all the processes have been completed, we will send it according to the schedule that will be confirmed to you, shipping with options: DHL, EMS (export post) and by air/cargo